Welcome to Natural Strength

Interested in joining us for a workout? Here’s what you can expect.

We start with the warm-up, this is just general movements getting the body ready for action. Usually about 10-15 minutes. Then we have a SKILL, which the coach will explain in detail and then we will focus on. This can be anything from basic strength movements such as the squat or deadlift, or complicated like the olympic snatch, simple bodyweight movements such as the pull-up or more complicated like handstands or muscle-ups. The point of this time is to focus on learning and practising technique and developing the strength to perform these movements properly. Usually 10-20 minutes. Then we have the WOD (workout of the day). This is where we want to focus on intensity and work. Again it can be any combination of movements but your coach will go over all of it beforehand and if there needs to be any adjustments made, we will address that. Our job is to make you stronger, more mobile and overall more fit. Our first focus must be on MECHANICS, or how correctly you can perform the task. Then CONSISTENCY, when you can repeatedly perform the task correctly under metabolic stress (when you are tired) or in combination with other movements, then we can increase the INTENSITY. For real success you must follow this progression. So at first we will scale back your volume of work and weight and maybe we’ll need to modify some of your movements, but this is normal. Trust us to guide you through this progression so you have the basis of fundamental technique and strength to back up whatever it is that you wish to accomplish next. You will be more successful because of it.


We are interested in your fitness first and foremost. When you come to workout with us we will be there to ensure that you are performing exercises properly, and we will be there to motivate you to push through the difficult parts. We will be there to answer any questions you might have or to suggest any appropriate adjustments that need to be made, we will be there to teach, to listen, to correct and to encourage. Point being: WE WILL BE THERE. What you get is constant qualified instruction and presence from a coach who genuinely cares about your success. We do this because we love it plain and simple. You have fun, it’s fun for us, you achieve success and get results, we benefit from your walking example of strength, athleticism and confidence. You must first commit to yourself, we are always here for you but we cannot do it for you. You must be consistent and you will achieve your goals.

Meet the Team

At Natural Strength we have a valuable variety of experience in our coaching staff

Each coach has distinct personal knowledge to share as we all come from different athletic backgrounds. We encourage all new members to start by spending one-on-one (or 2 or 3-on-one) sessions with one of our coaches so they can learn the basics in a more relaxed setting and they can progress to group classes at their own pace. Additionally all of our current members are encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that our coaches can provide when directed toward a specific goal. If you have interest in a particular sport or are interested in extra specialized work within the sport of CrossFit, a targeted training program with individual coaching is a great way to achieve the results you are after. Whether you are interested in improving your weightlifting, or gymnastics, or want to perform better at your current sport, our coaches are able to design a specific program and spend time with you honing your skills and developing your strengths, all according to your explicit needs. If you have a specific goal or competition in mind, talk to one of our coaches, grab a friend or two if you want to work together, and take full advantage of the opportunity that a personal coaches individual attention can provide.

Natural Strength CrossFit


If there’s one thing that separates CrossFit from other strength-and-conditioning programs, it’s the community. People from all walks of life end up in a class together, sweat together, suffer together and work hard on weaknesses together. Through these experiences they become friends and walls are broken down. They’ll cheer when you succeed, and encourage you when you’re struggling.


Whether you are interested in becoming a serious competitor or just like to have fun, we encourage all members to participate in local events. You will always have a supportive coach guiding you along the way! If competing is not for you, then volunteering is a great way to get involved.


Everyone starts at different levels of fitness and experience. But the one thing we all have in common is the desire to improve. We are constantly working to acquire more strength and to develop and refine new skills. Everyone can be proud of each new achievement as they ring the bell and record their success on the community PR board!


Aside from all the other obvious benefits, including improved health and longevity, and quality of life – working out can be fun! When things are fun you enjoy doing them – it doesn’t feel like work. You don’t need to plan your workout – we’ve done it for you.  All you need to do it show up and do your best. That’s it. Your job may be demanding, your commute stressful and getting your kids to their activities can be chaotic but for the hour a day you’re here, you’ll have fun.